California Water Watch

Ideas about our water emergency from different perspectives

A question of dish washing

I don’t know for sure whether having a dish washer saves water or not, but I know the amount of water used varies greatly depending on the way you do … Continue reading

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Aqua Kids on KTVU

I was in an uncommon situation this morning, picking up the remote to have breakfast in bed like a big kid. I switched on the TV and KTVU came on. … Continue reading

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Reminder of past landscapes on the Hayward Shoreline

One of the wonderful people at The Long Now Foundation turned me on to Laura Cunningham who wrote a book about her research of habitats lost to time. Her paintings … Continue reading

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A sign of hope on the 5

I was driving along the 5 (Californians are unique among Americans in they way we refer to our highways and interstates) and I found this sign at a rest stop … Continue reading

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Water in Palm Desert

On a recent trip to Palm Desert I was confronted with something I couldn’t ignore – lawns in the desert. To me it seems just plain weird to have a … Continue reading

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Comparison of water needs of different types of produce

Whether or not you garden, it is interesting to think about which vegetables, fruits, and herbs require less water to irrigate. I had a hard time finding an official chart … Continue reading

June 6, 2012 · 2 Comments

Implications of water salinity

It turns out that water salinity is directly related to rainfall patterns. I’ve been enjoying David Fogarty’s reports from Singapore and a recent story he covered shows off this connection. … Continue reading

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