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Add your Perspective

Are you working in some water-related field?

Have you figured out any cool water solutions for your home or industry that saves water?

If you can answer yes to one of these questions, I would love to have your input. Email me at californiawaterwatch at gmail dot com, my name is Serena. Include your name and position or organization, and your perspective or story, we can also set up short phone interviews.

I know that too many of these issues don’t have adequate microphone. Those in the direct community are either “sick of hearing x, y and z,” you are preaching to the choir, or they are in disbelief/blissful ignorance. It is never this simple or black and white, but I have sensed great frustration among citizens working in this field.  The frustration stems from the combination of intense strain on funding and a pervasive ignorance of the general population about the reality of California’s continually increasing water crisis.

Then between groups or causes the culture can become divisive even if there’s a completely shared vision but with two different focuses. Think two conservation groups in a shared geography but one is funded by a tourist tax to conserve land for wildlife habitat and the other is privately funded to save a particular population with things like breeding programs in addition to protected land. I dream of a California where these groups never have to be opposed. Then there could be more power in this vein of long term thinking and there would be more consensus on our priorities. I use a wildlife example above, but the same applies to syphoning the Colorado River, the future of Lake Mead and other major Western reservoirs, and an entire echelon of needless irrational contradictions when it comes to resource use.

My aim is to help promote solutions that work for overall societal interests. I hope that because I am not officially or financially connected to any organizations, political interests, or business interests, and am relatively well versed in California history, geography, culture, and environment that there may be some usefulness to this.

I need your perspective to make it work, so thank you first, for the hard work you are doing, and next, for connecting with me to share your story.

*If you are interested in financially supporting California water conservation efforts and the environments that indicate water health, I can help connect you to the leaders of various organizations where you’re money will be well spent to further the longevity of this crucial resource. I intend on highlighting many of them on this site as things progress.



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