California Water Watch

Ideas about our water emergency from different perspectives


I’m just one person, but as I travel around California I hear more and more stories about water. After an inspiring 2012 trip to the Cochella and Imperial Valleys, including the Salton Sea, I wanted to have a place to document any discoveries, ideas, or perspectives I gathered in the hopes that someone would find them useful.

My feeling is that sharing information – not just across water districts within California but across the U.S. and the world – is the only way to address our mutual interest in clean water. There are water emergencies the world over, but I am here in California where many people I know are unaware that there is such a crisis. The water crisis is not far away in other countries but here in the U.S.

All photos, writing, and interviews on this site is free to use for your own water saving efforts. Please shoot me an email with a url to your project or info. Connecting efforts and co-operating among varied interests will be key to success.

californiawaterwatch at gmail cot com, my name is Serena.

My hope is that there will be many photos and resources here that can be useful to people raising funds for smart water use and conservation projects. Funding is one of the biggest issues facing our water emergency.

The water solutions and struggles from Israel and Palestine, Uzbekistan and Aral Sea, Australia, Singapore, and Istanbul are especially interesting to me, so I hope to learn more about those situations as I go along. My hope is that California State Legislature is able to prioritize water even with its constrained budget using the most cost-effective, efficient best practices from around the globe.

We have a great body of knowledge before us, but a complex panoply of distractions that prevent useful information from being put into practice. Let’s cherry pick from ancient Egypt, Silicon Valley and everywhere in between to find the right ideas for our specific problems.

I am not officially or financially connected to any organizations, political groups or businesses.

Thanks to Gmail and WordPress for the free tools so I could get this up without money.

*Since I haven’t paid them, there are some ad links embedded in the site that I have no control over. I notice those are usually the ones that are underlined, not just bold and in another color, or the link will include multiple words – the ad ones usually don’t. You’ll also know my links because refer to them like, “here’s a link.”


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