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Ideas about our water emergency from different perspectives

Project on hold, new beginnings ahead

I haven’t stopped thinking about California Water Watch, even though I haven’t been here blogging. I am working on a more permanent outlet for the project, so, in the mean … Continue reading

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Salton Sea Park to stay open!

The news is here! $5,000 was given to the Sea and Desert Association to keep the park open past the proposed closure date of this Sunday. There is still a … Continue reading

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Salton Sea Authority Meeting

Yesterday in Cochella Valley was June’s Salton Sea Authority Meeting. As I await to hear the outcomes, here are a few things they discussed, according to the agenda notes I … Continue reading

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California isn’t the only state in a water crisis

I was at a dinner party last week and a friend – an intelligent, creative, and in many ways like-minded friend – said point blank that there’s no problem with … Continue reading

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Why does Google black out most of the Salton Sea?

I was tooling around Google maps with the satellite feature and I noticed that in most levels of zoom and on the shoreline areas of note (like the Salton Sea … Continue reading

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Of trash pick-ups and thigh masters

Happily I’ve found there are many water advocates out there. I’ve been learning a lot. On the Save the Bay blog, there was recently a piece about cigarette butts, which … Continue reading

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Like ships passing in the night

Disasters come and go like ships passing in the night. The factors at play? Too many low-brow or unimportant news stories take precidence and too many disasters are happening. We’re … Continue reading

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